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WordPress is Getting superb!

I just found out today that you can already upload pictures direct from your computer files to wordpress blogs. I have the difficulty before in trying to upload photos here. Now it is already very easy. After I take my vacation back home, I want to create more wordpress blogs with its own domain. This can be a lot of fun then! Thanks to wordpress for this better service. Below is a photo taken last time..It is an autumn icture with  those beautiful and colourful trees around. Ruby's Photos


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Hello everyone

It seems that I was away from this blog of mine for so long..sorry guys. I am always busy with a lot of things…I hope I can share more time in my wordpress blog. take care all..I will be away again for a long vacation back home starting next week..take care all..God bless us!

I got here a very lovely mums to all of you!

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Trying to Post Images here..

I really don’t know how to post images here. I have a lot of  photos to share from my files but it seems that I have a hard time  uploading it here..I will try and  try it again…good luck to me!..hehehe!

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I’m Back

hey everyone! it seems that I am back here again..sorry for the inconvenience of not posting here..i just hope that I can always update this blog…have a great day to all!

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Happy 2009

Happy New year!! Oh my gosh!! it’s been a long time that I did not update this blog…I can’t believed this…hope to give mor time in this site  this year!! I wish you a blissful New Year!!  take care and God bless us all!!

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Bed-rest pregnant moms may need therapy

CLEVELAND (UPI) — A pilot study is testing a set of exercises and programs to help new mothers who had to be confined to bed during pregnancy, a U.S. nursing professor said.

Judith Maloni of Case Western Reserve University’s Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing in Cleveland is exploring interventions that may help the nearly 1 million pregnant women annually sent to bed near the end of their pregnancies to prevent pre-term labor or other pregnancy complications.

These mothers often do not understand why they suffer back problems and muscle aches and are fatigued, while other new mothers seem to bounce back after giving birth.

“Putting people in bed is not a benign kind of thing,” Maloni said in a statement.

Following delivery of children, women who had been confined to bed during pregnancy may need physical therapy and other help to overcome long-term effects such as bone loss, decreases in body mass, fluid loss, depression and muscle weakness.

Maloni is in the process of recruiting 80 women in good physical and mental health with at least 21 days or more of bed rest prior to their baby’s birth to participate in the study.

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Health and Beauty Tip

Strengthen your nails

Before you go to bed every night, use a nail-strengthening cream on your nails (and under, if they’re long). This also keeps them hydrated, which is essential for healthy nails.

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Quote of the Day

Daphne du Maurier

Women want love to be a novel, men a short story.

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How HRT is linked to breast cancer

COLUMBIA, Mo. (UPI) — Hormone replacement therapy, or HRT, may play a role in promoting cancer tumor cell proliferation, U.S. researchers suggest.

The study, published in Cancer Research, found tumor cells exposed to progestin — a hormone used in HRT — was linked to an increase in growth factor promoting new blood vessels in tumors.

The researchers also found using an antibody that prevents new blood vessel formation in tumors — known as PRIMA — re-activated the protein p53. When p53 was activated within tumor cells, the number of breast cancer cells reduced significantly.

“As women age, many develop tiny lesions in their breasts,” study leader Salman Hyder of the University of Missouri-Columbia said in a statement. “The majority of the time, these lesions never expand. We think this might be due to p53s. We found in our study that when the protein is active, it reduces the number of breast cancer cells in the body by inhibiting the growth factor that supplies blood vessels to the tumor.”

However, when the cells of these lesions are exposed to progestin in a body that does not have an active p53 protein, the researchers found that the cells might start expanding and turn into tumors, Hyder said.
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Hi everyone!!

It’s quite a long time that I did not visit here again!! As usual, I am always busy…Just a lot of thing to do again for the past days..I am more busy now, doing spring cleaning  and organizing  our small house!!! Oh yeah!! I just need space…but it’s not to bad!!

I also need to pack-up  if ever I will be flying to Las Vegas hopefully next week to visit my sister there..I just  need a lot of things to do!!!

Wish everyone a very nice day!! take care guys!! also hoping that wordpress will be a simple like  any blogsites..I just need to learn a lot of things here!! bye..bye for now!!

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